By virtue of their heavy armour, weapons and skills, Warriors play a crucial role in close combat situations. Their two aims in life are for raw physical strength combined with a balanced and serene psyche.

Depending on their chosen specialisation, Warriors can deal out devastating amounts of damage with two-handed weapons, or skilfully combine shield and sword to neutralise the attacks of multiple enemies.

Body Warrior
A student of Body-Force training trains his body strength and learns how to use it in the best way. His attacks inflict deep wounds, so that his opponents are easily and quickly defeated.

Mental Warrior
Mental-Fight training teaches to attack the enemy with strong chi attacks and how to defend yourself from his attacks.
Ninjas are professional killers, capable of carrying out silent and deadly attacks from their ambush. To maximise their speed and agility, these shadowy assassins of the night wear only the lightest armour, so as not to hinder their fleet and fluid movements.

Depending on their particular areas of expertise, Ninjas can use their mastery of the dagger in close quarters, or wield a bow and arrow from distance.

Blade Ninja
In Blade-Fight training a Ninja learns how to quickly and lethally hit his opponent's weak points.

Archery Ninja
In Archery training a Ninja learns how to handle his bow and to fight the enemy with precision from a distance.
Suras are fighters who were blessed with magical powers when they agreed to allow the Seed of Evil to grow in their arms. The magic under their control allows them to inflict damage on their enemies from afar, and they make competent melee fighters thanks to their excellent swordsmanship.

Depending on their choice of specialisation, Suras can improve their attack spells or develop additional strengthening spells.

Magic Sura
In Black Magic training you learn the art of weakening your enemies from a distance with black magic.

Weaponry Sura
In Weaponry training you practice the art of using powerful blows against weakened enemies, with the help of cursed blades.
Employing the wisdom achieve through long years of intense study, the Shamans use spells and magic to attack their foes. Their mystical powers are also of great effect in supporting their allies.

Depending on their focus, Shamans can provide a boost to attacks, or instead choose to enhance individual healing and support spells.

Dragon Shaman
The Dragon Force training uses the strong fire attacks from the Dragon God as well as support magic which can give the group the protection from the Dragon God.

Healing Shaman
With the Healing Force training, you learn to stun your enemies with electric shocks. You also learn to heal group members and give them additional strength.
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